Argus – Health App on IOS


There are many nice Health Apps on the Appstore. Apps which log your steps, distance, calories to apps which logs your food, water consumption, weight and even period tracking.

Today I will be be reviewing about “Argus”, one of the best Health Tracing apps on the App store.

The App is beautiful and can help you track your daily Health metrics. Starting from Step Counting, calorie burned, distance, activity time to even log your food, weight, Heart Rate, sleep and a lot of other stuffs. It can even determine whether you are running or cycling or walking. You can set custom activities for a ton of exercises.


In short if you use it regularly it will create a health data repository for you. A great help for your family physician who will have an exact log of your daily activities.

It can track your steps/distance using the M7 chip on iPhone 5S (and M8 on 6/6 plus). After iOS 8 upgrade,it now works with health kit as well.IMG_1114

Best Part: The App is available for FREE.


Try it and let me know your comments below.

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