Buy a macbook Air or Go for iPad !!

It seems a very stupid questions for some as to which one to buy a Macbook (specially Air) or an iPad !!

Its like comparing a mobile and TV. But it may be a tough choice for some folks. Specially who use use their device mainly for office work (word,excel,powerpoint) and personal usage like browsing, chatting, testing, emails, light photo editing etc.

Confused which one to buy??? Let me try to help you thin out your choice.

Lets start with a simple task.  I will provide you with three choices and you yourself need to decide over which category you belong to.

Category A:

  • I surf web frequently and do a lot of browsing.
  • I am a person who travels and have more work on the go than in the comfort of office/home
  • My work mainly focuses on discussions/presentations/testing and a ton of emails.
  • Editing office documents in a must in my job
  • Love listening to songs/watch movies/youtube when am relaxing
  • Not a heavy gamer but like playing light games on my phone line subway surfers, temple run, angry birds etc

Category B:

  • I mostly work in the comfort of home or office and have a desk job
  • My work is mostly in office and some light document editing/photo editing
  • Emailing is a must
  • Music/games is a favourite pastime

Category C:

  • I travel /sit in office/Work from Home
  • Do a lot of office work as well need serious softwares to (photoshop, DJ, Eclipse, light Application servers).
The size is again a personal choice –  But the mini is really cool for handy usage

If you belong to Category A or B. An iPad is very well suited for you and can do most of your work with our hurting your back and saving some money in your pocket. (check  price for iPad here: or or any online sites which sell them). Wifi/3G  version will be your choice. If you only work from office or home and have a wifi connection, go for a wifi model else choose a data+wifi model.

Price of wifi is much less than data model.

If you belong to Category C, you definitely need a Macbook Air atleast. For more heavy work, say software development you need a Macbook pro or iMac. Even for heavy gamers you need at least a Pro or an iMac (if you prefer mac platform)

So guys choice is yours, but as per my suggestion for office work and personal work, reading, music, texting an iPad is more comfortable to carry/use than a regular sized laptop. You can relax and use it with more ease than a macbook Air.

For people who read a lot, for them also iPad is best and it won’t pain your hands while holding an iPad and you can relax on your recliner and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book.

Hope am able at-least help some in making the right choice.

KUDOZ to you guys!!

Please feel free to ask any questions. Tweet me 🙂


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