Journaling on iphone /ipad – By Arindam

From ages we have used a diary to log our daily activities. But in this age of advanced gadgets we need something which we can always have with us, something which will allow us to log our activities instantly whenever wherever we are. This brings us to the app world of journaling.

Many apps have come up in last few years all dedicated to journaling. Some are manual, some automated but the idea of all these apps is to provide a smooth efficiency mechanism for life logging.

In this blog we will take you through a few of them which will help you to keep track of your life and in future make you smile looking back on the timeline 🙂


1) Heyday : A beautiful photo journaling app. This app automatically logs your photos taken on your phone. It add them to the journal timeline and syncs them to server. You can add any notes on the timeline and all those will get synced to The cloud.


2) Momento: Another beautiful journal app. This is not exactly an automated journaling like Heyday but it has a different set of advantages. For instance it has a calendar view, it can get feeds from all your social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, Swarm, Moves etc. whenever you log any activity in these social networks, momento takes the feed and adds them to the timeline. Backup options available for export to text, export file to itunes or any cloud storage which can be restored later.













3) Day One : Probably one of the most famous apps out there on ios. It can a beautiful UI interface and can log pics, notes, location etc. it has a clean distraction free interface for journaling. It also adds your steps from iPhone 5s motion chip. Backup options available for dropbox, icloud, export to pdf.












Please drop a note about which one you like most and why.




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