Interview – Dos and Donts – By Arindam

Many of the fresh Graduates who are looking out for jobs have this question in mind. What to wear during a face to face interview or even in Online Video interviews. What to say to the Interviewer. How to Greet? How to sit , stand etc etc


In fact most of the people have a nightmare before interviews just for the part of dressing. Hunting in wardrobe looking for an appropriate dress is a common thing for almost of of us.

Now lets come to point: What actually to wear during an interview and how to behave.

Remember one Thing: Dress is  a part of interview, but not all of it. Dress can only help in showing your etiquette nothing more than that.

In most of the firms nowadays dressing is not more of a culture now. Though this largely depends on the history of the firm and its current environment. So before you go for an interview its very very important to know about the firm. What is the work culture there, how people dress there, where is it located, the background and as much info as possible.

In general if you look at IT forms nowadays, dressing is not much cared about. Google, yahoo seems to have a very free dressing environment. Similarly there are many IT forms who are cool with your dressing. So if you are going into one of these firms for a F2F interview, your dress hardly matters. It doesn’t matter you are in a formal shirt with a tie or Just in a jeans and casual T shirt.

But things are a lot different in marketing & banking firms. Most of them have a very rigid dressing rules for their employees. So if you turn up in a T shirt and a short, they may consider you as “casual” or “reluctant” and hence you may get rejected on the spot.

Dressing appropriately at these places is an important factor. Thats the first impression on the interviewer.

Whats an appropriate dress for a firm who believes in formal Attire
MEN: A simple plain shirt (prefer a single color  or striped shirt), cotton trousers, a Tie (optional though), neatly polished black/brown shoes.

In case of socks, please DO NO wear a white socks for professional interviews. A blazer or coat will also be nice (if its not too hot to wear it).

Even a waist coat will go well.


WOMEN: The same above goes well for women as well except the Tie part. In case of Shoes, ladies can have low heel black sandals with trousers and medium heel with skirts. Also for ladies, a clean top with a wrap skirt or a pencil skirt is just fine. If you have long hairs try to make it into a nice bun or something which doesn’t require you to take care of your hair every 2 secs. Its very frustrating for the interviewer trust me !!

Other than these, bath properly before you go for interview. Smell fresh. DO NO use very much perfume. Too much perfume may have adverse effects. have you dress ironed properly before you go.

Whats an appropriate dress for a firm who do not have a strict dress code

In such cases, a light casual shirt or a T shirt (with collars must) with a cotton trousers or even jeans is dine. But please, no shorts or micro minis. Interview is not the place to show your legs. They want you skillset and not your legs. Dress soberly, wear a decent smile on your face and behave formerly.

Entering the Room:

After you enter you interview room, its very important to greet your interviewer(s). No matter if there is one or more, you need to make eye contact with each of them and greet them in firm but friendly confident voice. Keeping mum and just looking down will immediately show you are non confident enough. Shake hands with them firmly and show no signs of anxiety. Remember anxiety is not going to help here. There is no going back now. The only person who can help you now is yourself.  Have faith in yourself and go ahead.

Behavioral Tips:

The person who is taking the interview may be rough or very casual with you. Accordingly you need to change yourself. There is no rule book for this. It depends on you. But prefer to keep a simple smile on you face always. It never fails 🙂 At the same time be formal and straight in your answers. Do not show signs of anxiety or stress. Even if you think you are not sure what you are saying, either say it or simple say you don’t know it. Its alright not to know everything in the world. Never try to be too friendly with the interviewer. Its a trick he may be using to know more about you. Never speak harsh words to the interviewer even if you think he is trying to put you down. It may be a test to see how you deal situations and clients.

After Interview:

Normally after everything is done, many interviewers ask if you want to know anything about the firm. Based on situation try asking some. This shows your eagerness in joining them. Ask as much as you need to know but no too much. After that Shake hands say “Thank You” and leave in a sober way.

During Interview:

  • No calls please – keep you phone in silent mode or switched off
  • No biting nails – NO NO
  • No shaking legs – shows signs of nervousness
  • No mumbling – Lack of confidence
  • No looking up or sideways thinking of answers – Say what you know or don’t. No point making out answers

Lastly, even if you think your interview was really bad and there is no way in the world you are getting the job, remember, its another learning experience. Its not end of the world.

After coming out of the interview, try to get the answers about what you couldn’t answer during the day. It will help you inj future. if possible note it down somewhere for future reference.


Happy Job Hunting !!

Any more tips you have? feel free to comment or tweet me : arindamlahiriit


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