How to choose your ideal tablet. iPad or Android – by Arindam for TechDaily


Christmas and New Year are knocking at the door and its time many of us want to gift ourselves or our loved ones with a new gadget. Why not go for a tablet or simply upgrade yours if you already own one. 

But choosing a tablet in 2015 is itself a tough decision. There will always be fanboys and fangirls speaking and modulating you to their loved gadgets or eco systems. But frankly speaking hardware is not much of a concern nowadays.

Almost every premium tablet in market has the specs to blow your mind with dazzling speed, lightening fast processing and astounding camera and ofcourse the limitless collection of apps to take advantage of starting from games to editors to writing apps to news apps and almost everything you can do with a tab.

So the choice remains more on the eco system than the hardware as such. If you already have made the choice to which eco-system you want to go, half your work is done. Or shall I say more than half? Choosing the model itself is not a big concern. Factors like price, eco system, size, space make it a mind boggling decision. But here lets try to get over the most important factor, the ECO System. Once we get that fixed, rest is easy like taking a chilled beer from fridge 🙂

Now lets try to compare the reasons for prefering one environment over another. For the time being lets keep it to Android vs iPad. Don’t get me wrong but I have used both of these for many years. My current phone is a iPhone 6 plus and I own an Samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 as my go to tablet (used iPad mini 1 and 2 before and now waiting for my iPad mini 4. Yes am a mini fan !! ). In short I am using an Android lollipop and ios 9 at present so can relate very well to both.

I will honestly try not to modulate you to prefer one over other, rather will help you choose one which will fit you. But ofcourse it comes down to your preference.

Lets start then.

Non Smartphone users


You don’t have a smartphone, and you want to use the tablet for all smartness except calling (which you can still do with your not so smart phone).
In that case go for an android tablet. You can use it anyway you want plus install messaging apps like line, whatsapp, wechat etc. Apps like whatsapp are not supported on iPad and probably that may be a big reason for you to consider that. If whatsapp and calling is not in your list, iPad should be an obvious choice.

Small Business and Freelancer
Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 22.20.50

Do you mostly you use your tablet for your Small business or freelancing and a lot of time you spend interacting with customers which includes emailing them, sending wishes, pictures, videos, advertisements, creating your own banners,  newsletters etc ?

In short you want to use your tablet for some creation purpose and as a communication device (email, imessages, social pages).

The choice is a no brainer. Go for iPad. You shouldn’t even think otherwise.

Apple has built in apps for your every day work. Mail, calendar, contacts, pages, Numbers, keynote….need I say more. Still if you are not happy, there are thousands of apps to choose from.

For instance, iPad has the one of best third party email client you can think of – Outlook (if you still don’t like the buit in mail client).  It’s one of the best mail clients I have used. It has integrated calendar, people and attachments from other cloud services like Google drive, oneDrive, dropbox and Box. Spark mail is coming to iPad soon. And its again a champion of email and productivity.

For newsletters and creating banners you have tons of apps on ios. Literally tons. You can almost do what comes to your mind. Try Makr, LogoScopic for logos or banners, pages for creating newsletters, keynote for presentation.

Microsoft now has its office apps on ios (word,excel,ppt) so if you need to create some docs or excel thats not going to be a concern at all.
You have tons of apps for Business Intelligence for those geeky charts and tables. So go ahead and buy it. You probably will like it.

Personal gadget


You use the tablet for yourself or plan to use it more for yourself. Watching videos, surfing, shopping, streaming music etc. Again the choice is iPad. You can find many movies on itunes, including podcasts, music etc. Movies can be rented or purchased.

Also ios has huge collection of apps for shopping, netflix and hulu for streaming movies/shows, pandora, Apple music, saavn (Bollywood) for music streaming and ofcourse Youtube. Preferably in that case you can go for iPad with retina displays. That will be a better choice if you plan to watch a lot of video on it. Tons of games are available on ios which will fit any audience be it your 3 year kid or your grandpa.

Designers and Creators

 Well here the competition is really tough. You have got Samsung Note tablets with active stylus which is really smooth to write and draw (there are other options also which you can explore). And then you have Apple iPad pro with Apple pencil. Cost wise Samsung here wil be a deal breaker. But there are also ways to use a normal iPad (mini or air) to be used on a creating platform. There are many Active styluses available for iPad like the Adonit Touch, Adonit script, Pencil by fiftythree. These can be paired with iPad using bluetooth and used with apps like Sketchbook, procreate, Adobe draw etc to create masterpieces. They have plam rejection as well to make you feel as if you are writing or drawing on page.

So you  can either buy a tablet with inbuilt non-capacitive stylus (active stylus) or iPad Pro or any new iPad and pair it with smart pens like adonit, wacom or pencil.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 22.26.57

So as per my suggestions iPad will be a solid choice for most users. Though some specific set of users can consider buying an android as explained above.

So it surely comes down to your personal preference as to what you can or should go with. Every platform has its strengths and limitations and I suggest before ordering walk down to the nearest store and test yourself which you want to go for. I am sure the staff at the store can be of immense help in solving your queries and help you make a go.

Kudozz !! Bye for now.


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