Apps every Tech Company should embrace

Smartphones and Tablets have become an integral part of Tech industry. The Tech friendly companies are mostly embracing mobile platforms and means to enhance business reaching clients efficiently and quickly.

No matter which industry you work or what you manufacture/service, reaching out to clients is a very crucial part of business. Companies who provide better services are undoubtedly more appreciated and preferred. Keeping contact with clients, listening to their problems is important and so is keeping in touch who are working as employees. An organisation who takes care of its employees in long run will do well because its the employees who eventually will take care of clients.

The Distraction and why we need to find ways:

In every corporate industry specially IT industries, emails are becoming more of a distraction then actually making things productive. It takes a lot of time to read and reply emails which in a way takes up a lot of productive hours. Ofcourse we can’t avoid emails but somehow reduce it in a systematic way.

So why not see for other means of effective communication than making everything formal. Why not chat with team members and employees. We all do chat with friends and family right? If a corporate wants the same environment within their organisation then they should start behaving like one.

Chat is an extremely effective way of reaching to employees and colleagues while keeping things informal but productive. Checking emails at 11 pm seems like work but checking chat simply doesn’t. Its effective, efficient, fast, friendly yet productive.

HRs can keep a tab on their employees and build a healthy relationship in chat forms. Having a chat with their teams once in a while looks friendly as well as it gets the job done.

1) Slack: Slack is a very powerful chat tool for teams and corporate environments. It’s a simple place for all your communication. You can upload documents and share with your app without leaving the app. Other can view and comment on that. Every comment or chat will send a push notification helping you to stay on top on things rather than making a mess of never ending emails.
Search is powerful and the app is created with user in mind. Many startups and even big corporate firms have started using Slack as their means of communication with teams and staffs.

2) Trello: A beautiful & unique app which can be used in various ways. You can use it as a to-do app, a one stop for all your key points, a collection base for ideas, a read it later app etc. The UI is clean, simple and stands out among the crowd of hundreds of to do apps.

3) Calendars by Readdle – A calendar app from readdle (only on iOS) which really gets the job done wonderfully. It has nice day view, Week view and Month view as well as task List. But what makes it stand out from other calendar apps is events “color” and “natural language processing”. You can add events and color them just like desktop google Calendar. Adding an event is as simple like typing “Lunch tomorrow at 5PM with Dan in Grand Hyatt Singapore” and see the magic:

Of-course there are other nice calendar apps like “Cal”, “fantastical” and “Sunrise” which are equally good.

  4) Wunderlist: Its actually a reminder app which is really excellent and is available for almost all major platforms (including desktops).

You can create lists and tasks and even invite people on your list. Your team members on the list can comment and add/remove tasks as well as Add files on tasks. It can be effectively used as a single place for all the team’s to-do activities.

5) Dropbox – A cloud based file system used by many corporate organisations and millions of individuals worldwide. For enterprise packages it provides high security and encryption making it ideal for sensitive data files. You can upload files and share link with other members in team making file transfer a breeze. It also maintains file versions as well as allowing other users (invited) to comment on files. Individual files can be made available for offline viewing on mobile devices.

6) Pushbullet – As the name suggests, this app helps to push texts, images etc from one device to another. Type a message or select a file and send. That simple.

7) Adobe Fill n Sign – An excellent app from adobe which helps people on the fly to sign documents without taking a print out. This app is helpful for people who have to frequently deal with clients on the field. Filling up pdf forms and then getting signature from the client all can be done on your iPad or tablet without taking a printout.

8) Evernote – One of the best note taking apps currently in world, available on every platform and device and used by millions worldwide. You can create multiple notebooks and notes inside them. Notes can be searched and tagged easily. A perfect recipe for executives to quickly jot down meeting points and customer discussions. Audio recording is also available. Drawings, texts, audio anything can be added to a note making it an excellent note app.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 18.59.10                                    

9) Office Lens – It can quickly scan documents using the mobile/tablet camera and create pdfs or image files. Very helpful when people need to scan some documents on the fly. After scanning files can of-course be exported or emailed. White board scans are very effective as well as Business card scanning.

By default the files will be stored on One drive. Available for iOS, Android and Windows phone.


10) Microsoft Office – Last but certainly the most important is Microsoft office. The corporate world is incomplete without Microsoft office and its a must have for anyone who needs to create documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Even Apple embraced it in their App Store and presented them as the masters of productivity.

Let us know your favourites !!

By TechDaily24x7


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