What is the next Best email App now since Newton shuts down !!

Email apps are disappearing like Tortillas on a beer bash.
Everyday we see a wonderful app declaring their shutdown.

Newton just shut their doors on September 25. Inbox from Google announced they will shut down around March 2019. Astro shut down after being acquired by Slack.

The best and top apps are just closing down one by one.

I was a Newton user for more than an year and now they are gone. It was undoubtedly the best email app I have ever used. Sync was great and it was a cross platform app working on all my devices. But now they are gone.

For many people, like me, that means their favourite email app is going away. An email app which used to be my and their daily driver, an app which we used on our iPhones, iPads, androids, laptops, tablets or desktops. An email which had super powers like Read receipts, snooze, send later, remind if not replied plus having a fantastic clean interface. Now all those powers are going to vanish in thin air. Puff…

So who will fill that void? An app which provides similar powers, works across every platform and has a great clean interface like Newton. Frankly speaking after a week of digging and installing almost every app on iOS I couldn’t find a worthy one. There is not even a single app which is there on every platform and has these features. There are alternates on every platform but gets messy as the integration simply is not there.

In simple words, after so much digging I settled with different apps on each platform. I sincerely hope someone takes this sweet spot soon.

Well first I tried with apps on iOS. Installed Spark, Edison mail, Airmail, Canary, Inbox and the native gmail app. Then Google announced they are closing down Inbox as well. A great blow to email lovers.

So how does these stand up?


Spark is a great app, looks crisp, fast, smooth and gets the job done. It will probably click the boxes for most users. It has built in smart categorizaton of emails, the emails are automatically separated into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. It has Smart Inbox which inteligently pulls important emails for you. Ofcource the option can be tunred off. Swipe gestures, Bulk Actions, Snooze, send later and even Group Compose an email, or chat with others over an email. As of today, it is probably the most feature packed email app on iOS. Soon its coming on Android (as per their tweet).

The problem – It doesn’t have read receipts. That’s kind of an important feature. Maybe not so much for me but for people in Sales and Marketing this may be a deal breaker. The hurdle for me, I cannot make the app fetch only for some accounts whose emails I do not want to pass via a third party server. So security wise it didn’t tick all boxes for me. All your emails will pass via their servers, which is required for Push notifications as well as for their smart assistants to work. If these two points doesn’t mean much for you, spark is a fantastic app. You cannot go wrong with it. Readdle (the makers of this app) own this and has been in the game from the day App store exists. They have been too long to disappear anytime soon. As of now its on iOS and Mac only but will very soon be on android. The app is free on iOS and Mac for personal use and they charge for groups. Check their website for pricing. Give it a shot and maybe it will soon become your favorite.