Novel Coronavirus – everything you need to know

This is off topic to most of my blogs, but considering this as a Global emergency I felt that something needs to be put out for everyone.

What is Coronavirus? What are other names of it?
The full name is “Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) “. First reported from Wuhan, China on 31st Dec 2019. Its also hence sometimes called as “Wuhan virus“.

This virus is a part of the family of virus called as “Coronavirus” which typically consists of different variety of viruses leading to normal cough and cold to more severe effects.
People on the internet are calling it with different names, like “Coronavirus”, “Wuhan virus” or even “China virus”.

What are the symptoms?
General symptoms are :
Cough and Cold
Runny nose
Shortness of breathe
Though this doesn’t mean anyone having these symptons have been effected. These are symptoms for almost all types of cold flu as well. So its best to visit a doctor and take advice.

How many have been impacted yet?
Official numbers are changing with each passing day, but as of today, around 258 people have died from this deadly virus. There are about 7 to 8 thousand people who have been effected by this in China.
People in China have taken extreme precautions to protect themselves.

Is it spreading to other countries?
Depending on how many effected individuals have traveled globally it has been transferred to other countries. Most countries at this point has strict protocols for people traveling from China or have recently been to China.
Outside China, there are about 140 confirmed cases yet, but no reported deaths due to Wuhan Coronavirus.
All the effected individuals in other countries are either Chinese nationals or have recently been to China. There are yet no confirmed cases of man to man transmission outside of China.

Do I need to be careful ? What precautions are needed ?
Transmission is most likely through close contact with an infected person via particles in the air from coughing or sneezing, or by someone touching an infected person or object with the virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes.
Depends on where you live and if there has been any reported cases in your vicinity.
Generally speaking the precautions needed are:
  1. Wash your hands at intervals and specially before and after any food consumption.
  2. If you yourself feel sick, immediately visit a doctor and avoid spreading it to others via wearing a surgical mask.
  3. Don’t go to work if feel sick. This way, if at all you have been effected, it will stop spreading it to others.
  4. Be vigilant – if you spot someone with cold flu in your vicinity or office, politely ask them to visit a doctor. By working together people can stop spreading and saving others who are effected.
  5. Companies should allow their employees to work from home specially those who are sick or recently have been to China.
  6. Do not panic. If you are not sick, then you do not need to wear mask at all times. This will build a shortage or masks and people who actually need it wont be able to get the masks.

Lastly, do not spread rumors about it and read fake news or spread them. This causes unnecessary panic and will not help anyone in any way. Stick to government websites or WHO website for updated information. Stay healthy and keep your loved ones safe.

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