What on my iOS device – Top 5 apps for 2020

App are the fuel of smartphones today and they really make our lives easy by making tasks easy which would otherwise be complicated. From making online purchase to paying bills to ordering food to paying utility bills, life has been a bit easier with the advent of smart phones or more specifically apps.

Today let’s discuss about the top 5 apps on iOS which will make your lives a bit more easier !!



With hackers trying to break into our accounts almost every moment and millions of accounts getting hacked on and on every year its high time you take security of your accounts in your own hands. And that means having strong complex passwords for each and every of your accounts be it social media, banking, email or entertainment. This is where Keeper comes into picture.

Keeper is a zero-knowledge SOC2 compliant password Vault. If you don’t know what that means, to out simply put, Keeper helps you store your passwords in a vault which you and only you can open and see, neither Keeper not any employee of keeper or 3rd party can snoop into your vault because the key to the vault lies with you and only you. This is true for most well known password managers. But Keeper’s pricing is decent and has been around for many years, if reliability is a concern.






A beautiful and well designed cross platform note taking app which comes from Microsoft. Yes Microsoft, but don’t think its for Windows only. In-fact the app is available for FREE for all devices be it Mac, Windows, Android or iOS. It has an app Store of rating about 4.6 making it a very popular option. You can not only store text notes, but audio files, PDFs, docs, images and store them in separate notebooks under sections. Hugely popular app and has been there for many many years on Windows platform but is now available for everyone to use. Oh yes and you can make annotations and draw as well. Perfect to use on iPad Pro with Apple pencil.






Scanner Pro


Smart Phones camera have become extremely powerful and so has the app which take advantage of them.

One such app is called Scanner Pro.

It use the iPhone camera to take a snap of a document by automatically detecting the border and then converting into PDF. The final rendered PDF is far better than a normal picture and almost looks as good a a professional scanner. Of-course after taking the scan you get option to adjust the borders and even play around with few settings. But generally even without doing anything it takes amazing scans.







Bring the power of google search right within your keyboard. Gboard is built for iOS and brings you not only an awesome keyboard but you are able to search for emoji and gif images right within your keyboard. Its like iOS keyboard on steroids.




You may be an iMessage fan but that not true for everyone on the planet. Billions of people use androids and don’t use iMessages. In-fact outside US, most people don’t use iMessages even when they use iPhones. Yes even me and my friends here in Singapore chat on WhatsApp even with everyone being on iOS. I don’t know why but that’s how it is. So if you have people to connect to from all over the world then WhatsApp is something everyone is already using. No matter who the person is; chances are he or she is already on whatsapp. So just save the number and you can chat /call/ video call with the person. Simple.  There are some other alternates which people use like Facebook’s own Messenger, Telegram or We chat but in terms of sheer popularity whatsApp is probably on top.

So that my top 5 apps I use everyday and can’t live without. Let me know if you have any favorites and I will love to explore them as well.



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