New UI Trends in Web World

The world of web as we know it is changing and changing at a very fast pace.

The designs and technologies we know today are becoming obsolete in a blink. In this fast paced tech biz  all we need is to follow and move with the pace if you don’t want to be left behind.

A beautiful Sample website with modern flat design:

Gone are the days in which people created websites with normal drop downs and images and form layout.

The user base has become extremely smart and they want a rich UI interface with minimalistic clicks for getting their job done. People don’t have time to understand your website and then start using it.

key Things to keep in mind while creating a website/dashboard :

1) Minimalistic clicks: Users prefer to have the UI as simple as possible. A task if can be done with 2 clicks then it should be done that way. Don’t complicate things by showing hiding a lot of fancy animations. End of day if I cannot navigate easily I will not open your site. Simple !!

2) The UI should be self explanatory: Users don’t really have the time or energy to go through the site help doc before they start using your application. The UI should be so easy that anyone with basic web knowledge  should be up and running in no time. The most important features should be available at his finger tips (one touch). The secondary can be kept in a panel which is easily accessible and visible.

3) Choosing the right colours: This is a very critical factor for the usage of the application. The right colour combination can draw or repel users from your application. Most modern UIs designs will show rich flat colours and a translucent layout. A translucent layout gives user a feeling that he is in control of everything. Rich eye catching colours can be used to make the UI beautiful. But the colours should not be a stress on the eye. Flat colours are perfect for it.

A sample flat palette:


4) Clutter free: This is a very important aspect for a good UI design. The UI should have the informations available upfront but at a same time clutter free. The user should not have to struggle to find a particular entity. A good UI design will have less clicks at the same time clutter free. Focussing on a section (blurring the other components in a page) is a very easy and nice way to do it. Other options can be customise tiles, hide/show sections, having multiple panels in screen etc.

5) Responsiveness: Probably this is something which has changed the world of web altogether. Responsiveness is building the application so that in runs smoothly on a mobile device, a tablet or any desktops/laptops. There are many frameworks available in the market like Bootstrap which help us in creating smooth seamless builds for our application in a responsive paradigm. Most of the users nowadays do browsing on their phone and tabs. If the application doesn’t load well on those, you are sure to loose traffic. This cannot be at all avoided in today’s mobile world.


Sample website:


Please drop me a note if you have any feedbacks or if you want to add up a point. I will be glad to hear.

Cheers !!



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