Google Nexus is finally here 🙂




For the first time I think Google has concentrated more the aesthatics and design of the device than on functionality. Just look at her. She’s a beauty but with brains. The smooth curved back, shiny edges, cool colors and beautifully curved sides gives an immense pleasure to the hands of the owner. I bet it will be a breeze to use !!


Coming to “brains”, it comes with the next version of Android – Lollipop.

As Google pointed out as :

our sweetest release yet

To know more about android 5.0 Lollipop click here.


There are a ton of improvements on the device. here are some:

1) 13 MP camera with optical image Stabilization

2) 5.96 inch display with 493ppi

3) 3220 mAh battery

4) A faster Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 805 – Quad processor with 2.7 GHZ

5) Comes with 32 GB and 64GB memory

Thanks a lot,
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pre-order Starts from Late October


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